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Taking care of the hard-to-reach areas of your roof will protect your investment in your home or business for the longer term. Fascia is a flat band of material that wraps around the roofing surface underneath the rooftop. Soffit is installed in the under-side of the rafters/overhang.

The high-quality soffit and fascia that Pro Roof Builders Plus of Gimli, MB, installs will improve the durability and energy-efficiency of your roof while matching the look and style of your rafters. We carry high-quality soffit and fascia products from Kaycan and Gentek.

Aluminum Soffit & Fascia:

These are made of malleable but durable material. They offer the advantages of being non-combustible, water-resistant and easy to clean.

Custom-Bend Aluminum Fascia

For fascia wider than 2 feet, and fascia that is not available from manufacturers, we manufacture everything ourselves. This not only saves money, but it also helps ensure that the fascia we install will match the style of the house.

Custom-Bend Cladding around Windows & Doors

We use aluminum materials that we custom-bend for customers. Cladding is typically used around wooden windows and doors, making it unnecessary to paint the wood each year.


Gentek Vinyl soffit and fascia complements your unique home’s architecture, while still protecting the hard-to-reach areas with a durable finish. They offer four distinctive styles, each with attractive textures, such as brushed, matte, and light-rough sawn.

Gentek’s Sequoia Select Ultra-Premium vinyl soffit offers a wider panel, stronger construction, richer appearance, and greater ventilation. This soffit system delivers 10 square inches of ventilation per linear foot, helping keep your home in great shape inside and out.


Kaycan vinyl soffit provides a low-maintenance finishing touch that complements any house style. It gives your home a finished look and virtually eliminates maintenance in the hard-to-reach areas under eaves and over porches. With the beauty of painted wood and the durability and low maintenance of vinyl, Kaycan soffits are available in either a woodgrain finish or smooth with a low-gloss finish. Finish the design with Kaycan’s fully compatible accessories, including vinyl fascia.

Kaycan also manufactures aluminum fascia and accessories that can be color-matched to Kaycan aluminum and vinyl siding and soffit. These are coated with the same thermo-setting polyester topcoat used on Kaycan aluminum siding, for a durable and fade-resistant paint finish with the highest abrasion-resistant factor on the market.

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