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The roofing experts at Pro Roof Builders Plus of Gimli, MB, can install high-quality eavestroughs that will protect your home or commercial building from water damage. If your eavestroughs are old or damaged, let us help you fix the problem before water damage develops.

    Eavestroughs are narrow channels or gutters that collect and divert rainwater that is shed by a roof. They protect your home or commercial building’s foundation from water damage by moving moisture away from the structure.

    Eavestroughs also limit erosion, prevent leaks in basements or crawlspaces, protect exterior paint from water damage, and even enable you to collect rainwater for later use on your lawn or garden.

    For homeowners, we offer 5” eavestroughs. For commercial buildings, we typically install 6” eavestroughs. We use high-quality materials that are designed to complement the appearance of your eaves. We guarantee both our materials and workmanship. We also install gutter guards, which are designed to keep your eavestroughs free of leaves and other debris. These are particularly important for properties that are surrounded by trees. Gutter guards help capture rainwater so that it flows toward downspouts and away from the base of your home or commercial building.

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